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The Holy Quran – English Translation

This is an audio of the English translation of the Holy Qur’an in a style that is easy to understand. It is organized Surah by Surah and each track in a Surah is a page of Holy Quran.

Towards Understanding Islam

The Author's objective in writing this book has been to provide all those — Muslims and non-Muslims alike — who have no access to the original sources with a brief treatise giving a lucid, comprehensive and all-embracing view of Islam.

A Guide for the New Muslim

Br. Jamaal Zarabozo offers his insight and practical guidance to those entering Islam, and answers many frequently asked questions from those new to the religion.

Lives of Prophets

The series is based primarily on Ibn Kathir¦s " Al-Bidayah wa-nihayah (The Beginning and the End)". Br. Al-Awlaki has done an excellent job of relying almost completely on the Quran, Hadith and statements of the Noble Companions.

Life of Muhammad – Makkan Period

In these talks, Imam Anwar al-Awlaki, author of the best selling series, The Lives of the Prophets, eloquently presents the Makkan period of the Prophet's life in a detailed manner, deriving valuable lessons from it and thus making it relevant to our modern times.

Life of Muhammad – Medinah Period 1

This part focuses on the Medina era starting from the Hijrah up until the battle of the Trench. Here, Imam Anwar Al-Awlaki covers the first five years of the Medina era which include the all important events of the Hijrah, the establishment of the first Islamic State, the battle of Badr, the Battle of Uhud, and finally the battle of the Trench

Life of Muhammad – Medinah Period 2

This set covers the last five years of the life of the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad (saaws) from the fifth year of Hijra to the tenth.

Riyad Us-Saliheen – The Paradise of The Pious – The Book of Miscellany

Riyad Us-Saliheen, also referred to as The Paradise of The Pious, a popular and useful compilation of authentic hadith, covering every aspect of Islamic belief and moral conduct, it selects approximately 2000 authentic hadith.

Youth Under the Shade of the Quran

The story of the youth of the cave -Youth around the Prophet sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam: Safi Khan with his unique style of presentation that is at once dynamic and current, spiritual and majestic discusses the challenges of Muslim youth today, offering practical solutions to common problems.

The Forbidden Gaze

The forbidden gaze... What exactly is the forbidden gaze? What is permitted in regards to looking, interacting and speaking with the opposite sex? In society today there is much confusion clouting this topic, and many are heedless to the affects and consequences of these acts, adopting a very western secular position to what is actually disallowed in Islam.

Fortress of the Muslim (Hisnul Muslim)

Invocations from the Qur'an & Sunnah. Translation of Hisnul-Muslim. (aka 'Citadel of the Believer') This is a very beautiful booklet consisting of many authentic Dua's (supplications) for a Muslim to supplicate on a daily basis and on special occasions.

Women Inspired by The Beloved

This series of ten lectures by Dr Hesham Al-Awadi, presented here on 10 CDs, surveys the history of great Muslim women from the time of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) right through to the present day.

The Etiquettes Of Hijab

And tell the believing women to lower their gaze (from looking at forbidden things), and…

A Woman’s Path to Righteousness

Thugs In The Masjid

A truly inspiring talk, taking a look into young Muslims who glorify thug mentality, gang culture and also the dangers they are leading themselves into.

Children Around The Prophet

'Dr. Hesham Al-Awadi was born in Kuwait and educated in the United Kingdom. He completed…

Stories of the Caliphs

These stories tell us about the inspiring lives of those rulers who came immediately after the Prophet. The Caliphs knew they had to be humble servants of the people if they were to keep them under the rule of the One God

Yusuf – Exploring The Chapter of Joseph In The Holy Quran

This 4 CD set aims to show how the story of Yusuf (AS) int he Holy Qur'an can be a source of guidance and inspiration for today

Muhammad – His Life Based on The Earlier Sources

'Widely recognized as the best biography of the Prophet (peace & blessings of Allah be upon him) in English, Dr. Martin Lings' award winning book is now available on audio as an abridged 6-hour spoken word album, read by well-known narrator Sean Barrett (famous for his TV documentary voice-overs, the BBC World Service and many other spoken word titles).

Muhammad – The Man & His Message

In this lecture Shaykh Khalid Yasin explains this great man, his mission and his message. Allah (the Most High) says: O Muhammad, We have not sent you but as a mercy for all the worlds. Quran 21: 107nions.

Regulations Related to Menses

Shyness should not prevent you from seeking knowledge and asking questions ‘Aa’ishah, may Allah be pleased with her, said, “How excellent are the women of the Ansaar, shyness/modesty does not prevent them from understanding the religion." (Sahih al-Bukhaaree in Kitaabul-‘Ilm)

Quran Stories for Children

Whether you listen to them in the car or around the kitchen counter, you can be sure the adult and child alike will be riveted and enlightened! These stories are based on authentic sources from the Quran and Hadith.

Sunan of Allah

The Sunan of Allah (swt) pertaining to social change and reform by Sheikh Muhammad Yusri

More than 1000 Sunan for Every Day & Night

This work is the English-language translation of the Arabic booklet, More Than 1,000 Sunan Every Day & Night, complied by Shaykh Khaalid Husaynaan. He is a contemporary student of knowledge of our time who is preoccupied with reviving and following the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (S).

Ummar Ibn Alkhataab – His Life and Times

For those who would be leaders, this book offers the model of an ideal Muslim leader, one who felt responsible before Allah for the well being of all those under his rule, including his troops, women, infants, non-Muslim subjects and even animals. ‘Umar was a 'hands on' leader who kept himself informed and consulted scholars and experts before every major decision.

Knowledge – The Forgotten Emergency

By Mohammad Elshinawy

Fiqh of Menstruation

Shyness should not prevent you from seeking knowledge and asking questions ‘Aa’ishah, may Allah be pleased with her, said, “How excellent are the women of the Ansaar, shyness/modesty does not prevent them from understanding the religion." (Sahih al-Bukhaaree in Kitaabul-‘Ilm)

Bilal bin Rabah The Mu’adhdhin (Caller to Prayer)

Bilal bin Rabah whom Islam changed from a weak slave to a great hero, stood firm in the face of oppression and hence taught generations to come how a Muslim should act when his Faith is challenged.

Abu Bakr Al Siddiq – His Life and Times

During the Prophet's lifetime, Abu Bakr was an exemplary soldier on the battlefield; upon the Prophet's death, Abu Bakr (R) remained steadfast and, through the help of Allah, held this nation together.

Tafsir of Surat at Tawba – Repentance

A Tafsir of Surat at-Tawba taken from traditional sources.

Tafseer of Surah Maryam

Complete Tafseer of Surat Maryam by Sh. Mustapha Al Majzoub (May Allah have mercy upon him) in English. 7 Parts (Audio) - This series was presented last year at Masjid Al-Azhar, Belmore.

Tafseer of Juzz Amma

The audio of the first Double-weekend-accredited-seminar given by Al-Maghrib Institute solely dedicated to the explanation of Part 30 of the Qur'an. Download Tafseer of Juzz Amma E-Book

Al Adab al Mufrad

Abu Eesa's explanation of Imaam Bukhari's book of Manners. This is the English commentary to Imam al-Bukhari's great work on conduct and behaviour "al-Adab al-Mufrad".

99 Qualities A Husband Likes His Wife To Have

Shaikh Salim in this lecture provides the listener with 99 qualities a Muslim husband would like in his wife, starting with loving her to be a good slave of Allah who loves Allah and His Rasul, down to tips on how she can refine her character, home and appearance.

The Hereafter

In this series, the Imam vividly portrays the different phases the human soul passes through during its lifetime up to its death as well as the process of judgment of souls and the resulting eternal life in Heaven or Hell in the Hereafter

Family Life In Islam

Discover your own rights and the rights of others, as well as other people’s personality types, which provides to a greater understanding of how to deal with the person in the best possible way to achieve your goal.

An Explanation of Kitab At Tawhid

The series of ten lectures explaining Kitab At Tawhid

40 Hadith of Imam An-Nawawi

Imam al-Nawawi’s collection of 40 Hadiths is one of the most important collections of hadiths we have today. He was one of the greatest scholars of Islam and lived from 631 A.H. to 676 A.H, passing away at the age of 45.

Towards The Light

Imaam Hasan Al-Banna sent this letter to the kings, princes and rulers of the various countries of the Islamic world. Many of the view points and directives it contains still represent the dearest hope of every Arab and every Muslim.

Parenting in Islam

This course gets into role of parenting and its importance in Islam. Ustadh Haroon truly brings you a comprehensive, results-producing parenting resources for todays Muslim parents.

Tawhid of Allah’s Most Beautiful Names & Lofty Attributes

This particular book is by far one of the best in its field as an introduction into the subject area of the tawhid of Allah's Names and Attributes, and Allah knows best.

Etiquette of Seeking Knowledge

​This book has become one of the most important books on the topic of seeking knowledge and has become widely taught by the scholars and seekers of knowledge alike.

Islam – Elevation of Women’s Status

The prevalent idea is that Islam does not elevate the status of women, but that Islam oppresses and suppresses women. In discussing this topic – we will be addressing specific accusations or misunderstandings regarding the status of women in Islam.

Appeal to Sense of Shame

The author is describing a common phenomenon among Muslims, whether they are living in Muslim countries or not, and appealing other Muslim sisters, full of emotion and concern, to have sense of shame.

Abu ‘Ubaidah Bin Al-Jarrah

The story you are about to read, 'Abu 'Ubaidah bin Al -Jarrah - The Nation's Trustworthy Man', discusses the life of one of the greatest Companions of the Prophet, Abu 'Ubaidah. He was one of the ten people whom the Prophet publicity promised their acceptance in to Paradise.