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What is Salam Audio?

Salam Listeners,

My name is Haroon Malik and in the next few minutes I will be introducing you to Salam Audio App that unleashes the power of spoken word

Growing up I was addicted to music, mainly Rap and…Bollywood (I am sure I am not the only one…admit it!) I come from the generation that connected to internet using dial up modem and listened to our favorite beats on cassette players (I am not that old).

But in my days of turning towards straight path and replacing my bad habit of listening to vulgar songs, I was given this alternative:

A Nasheed band that is not even singing English!

-->Click Here to Hear the pain I went through<-- 

I decided to just listen to the Quran – but since I didn’t know Arabic, I had to switch to English translation, which sounded like my 10th grade Shakespeare class.

Later on in life I finally discovered this amazing thing called “Book”. There is no doubt Islamic lectures add a lot of value in our life. But reading books can add a totally different dimension to your learning...and so I read books all types of Islamic, motivational and business books which I wish I had started this habit earlier in life.

During my college days (I am starting to sound old now), my first cell phone (that's right parents...what are you thinking giving your child a cell phone in 5th grade) didn’t have apps and access to the world. The only distraction it had was game “Snakes” (much better addiction than catching pikachu)

If we were to listen to Islamic lectures, we had to carry this while travelling:

As technology is getting advanced we have lots of distractions around us and our young ones, but this technology can be used to our advantage if we utilize it properly.

  • I don’t want my kids and youth to listen to English translation of Quran read by Shakespeare.
  • Our sisters who are taking care of our kids must have an alternative to listening to Islamic Books while their hands are full.
  • I want our working brothers and sisters to actually enjoy the trip to work and gain reward while commuting, by listening to something that’ll benefit them.
  • All of above without killing your cell phone data by watching video lectures on YouTube.

All these reasons compelled me to develop the website and app “Salam Audio”

Salam Audio is an online library of Islamic books, courses and lectures. You have the ability to track your progress for each book/course and have the ability to access it anytime by logging into your account from any device!

Ok..so Br. Haroon, this sounds really great….What content can I expect from Salam Audio?

For starters:

  • English translation of the Holy Quran
  • 40 Hadith
  • Towards Understanding Islam (best book for basic intro to Islam…in my opinion)
  • Riyad Us-Saliheen (1st book consisting close to 700 hadith)
  • do you want me to keep going!
  • Check out all of Salam Audio’s Content    -->Click Here<--

All of above content that you can simply listen to (hence the name Salam Audio!) from any device. And the best part...it is Absolutely FREE.

There is course on parenting, lectures by various scholars and teachers on marriage to topics targeted to youth and children; basically, there is something for everyone at Salam Audio. What you have is priceless content you can use to help turn around your life practically and add value to your society, right away.

You will Get Unlimited Access to all of Salam Audio’s Courses, Lectures and Audio Books

Salam Audio is committed to providing courses and audio books that are targeted to families, new Muslims, children, young couples, parents and caregivers with sound advice in an interactive environment from comfort of your home (or your drive to work!). Families that are connected with Allah, with less stress and happier are more productive, creative and effective in its society.

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Happy learning!

Haroon Malik - Founder